Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Progresso Panko Bread Crumbs....and a giveaway!

**The Progresso Giveaway has been extended a couple of days.
The winner will be announced on Sunday afternoon.**

So, I LOVED the panko breadcrumbs! I cannot wait to make baked/fried chicken with them. I am also going to make a big pot of chicken soup with the chicken stock that was also in my goodie box. Want to see what MyBlogSpark sent me? Here it is:

Do you like? Do you want to win one of these goodie boxes for yourself? Here's how!

Leave me a comment telling me your favorite thing to make using panko breadcrumbs, or if you have never used them before, what food you would love to make with them.

The contest winner will be announced on Friday morning. Can't wait to hear your comments!!


Jennifer said...

I have a recipe for jalapeno popper dip that calls for panko bread crumbs on the top, and it is SO GOOD!! I also mix them with regular bread crumbs for pork chops or chicken because it makes it crunchier. LOVE THEM!! I totally want to win this!!

JC said...

I like using panko bread crumb to make Thai Lemon Chicken, super yum! Panko is so versatile in cooking, seafood, veggie, meat...pretty much anything you could think of.