Thursday, September 25, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things....

I have to fill you in on a little "swap" I participated in recently. It was a "blog swap" -- yep, a blog swap! I know what you're thinking....what in the world?? Let me tell you, it was so much fun! Here is what the swap was about:

My friend, Allison, has a blog called The Pink Potpourri. Well, Allison decided to host a blog swap on her blog in which her readers were given a "buddy" to swap with. In order to participate in the swap, each person had to have either a blog or a website. Once you received your buddy you were to send that person a few of your favorite things, and vice versa. It gave the readers a chance to make a new "buddy" if you will, get a fun package in the mail, and learn just how much we had in common with each other. It is kind of like having a "pen pal" only instead of sending a letter we sent cool stuff. :)

My swap buddy is Jennifer (Jenna, Jenn). Check out her blog here! She is 30, lives in Paducah, and just recently got married! Woohoo, Jenn! :) She also loves to cook and loves trying new recipes (sound familiar?), and she is a receptionist at a church (ahem, secretary at a Seminary here...). So, needless to say we have a LOT in common!

Okay, now for the fun stuff. Here are some pictures of what my awesome swap buddy sent me!!

Oh my gosh!! I can't wait to open it!!

Hmmm...wonder what's in here???

Yumm-O! Haha, I love Rachael Ray's mag. :) YAY!! And I even got 2!!

Ooohhh...more goodies!! I just love church cookbooks!

Have you ever heard of Wind & Willow mixes? They are absolutely wonderful!! (I actually sent a box to Jenn as well -- how funny!)

And last but not least, one of my favorite fall scents -- Mulled Cider!

Doesn't having a swap buddy sound like fun! You'll have to check out Jenn's blog to see what I sent her. :) So what do you think? I may just start a "swap" of my own on this blog....

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Melissa said...

Cool idea! You really got some good stuff!