Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Nursery

So... I realized that I haven't even put pictures of Isaiah's nursery on here. I absolutely love it (and so does he!)!! First of all, let me give you a little background. I....LOVE...Turtles!! Ever since I was little, I have adored these cute little reptiles (amphibians?). Even as a freshman in college, the turtle was our sorority mascot. I have a huge collection of them and thought, since I have so many, why not incorporate them into a nursery theme?

I surfed the web trying to find a cute turtle theme, something that could be for both a boy and a girl (just in case!). I found several, but my favorite was the Turtle Bay theme from Cocalo. Now I have to tell you, it was not easy trying to find everything I needed for the nursery...especially since after I registered for everything it was disontinued! After many a website, I finally found all of the items I needed: bedding, curtains, pillows, mobile, wall hangings. There was a lamp as well, but it was $45!! way. Anyway, here are some pictures of our little boy's favorite room in the house:

He was only a couple of weeks old here...notice the bumper pad

No bumper pad (started rolling over at 3 weeks, so we were afraid he would roll next to the bumper pad and smother)

LOVE this glider and ottoman (Thanks Ann & Chas!)

Changing table/Dresser &
Name blocks (each letter has a scripture on the back - Thanks Holly!!)

I hope you have enjoyed your little nursery tour. Blessings on your week!


Aarica said...

I'm so guilty of breaking the 10th Commandment, because I'm totally covetting all that stuff. I love turtles so much too. I'll have to take a picture of the "collection."

Hopefully something will be out there for me when we have a little one. :)

Callie said...

Too cute!!!!

Jill C. said...

Too cute! I've never seen turtle nursery sets, but of course you would've found it. :) There was plenty of green in your and Carly's room with your turtles and her John Deere! I love your blog, you entered my mind one day, so I thought I'd search and see if I could find you.

--your old roomie