Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Recipes, Please!

So I have been trying to put together a recipe book for the longest time. I won a free Tastebook last year from one of my friend's blog giveaways and have been trying to fill it up with recipes from myself and my friends. I already have some recipes in it, but have about 85 more to add. I would like to add some of your recipes to my cookbook. Do you have a favorite dip? Favorite main dish? Favorite dessert? Or maybe you have a "secret" recipe that you take to every potluck or party. Whatever recipe it is, I WANT IT!!! Also, if you have pictures of your creation, that would be great too. I am giving credit to each person who sends me a recipe by putting your name on the recipe and possibly your picture (send me those too!). You can email the pictures to me at I can't wait to hear your yummies!! Oh, and THANK YOU!!! :)

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Beth said...

I just emailed you a recipe for Sweet Potato Casserole... YUM!