Friday, June 11, 2010

Good Earth Giveaway!!

Oops, I'm a day late on the giveaway....better late than never, though!

Good Earth and MyBlogSpark have not only provided me with an awesome Good Earth dinner kits gift pack, they have provided one for you too! Here is what you will get:

All you have to do is leave a comment answering the following questions:

1) Are you a "from scratch only" kind of cook, do you "swear by boxed/frozen dinners", or are you in-between?

2) Which of the dry dinner kit flavors would you like to try most of all?

Good luck!!


Anonymous said...

I'm in-between, and I'd like to try the Wanchai Ferry Orange Chicken :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

Anonymous said...

I am a half n half'er. I try to cook as much from scratch as I can but it is good to have things on hand for when you aren't in the mood to cook up a storm or items that are pantry stable for any emergency. I think they all sound good but I would probably pick the Tuscan Chicken one first.

(I see you might be a big peanut butter lover like we are. I bookmarked several PB recipes from here the other day. :-) The brownies in particular looked yummy.)


Ruth Watson said...

I am definitely a boxed/frozen kind of cook. Would like to try anything with chicken or ground beef, not so crazy about real spicy things.

Amy said...

I'm in-between but lean strongly toward everything from scratch (except pillsbury orange rolls - I've tried to duplicate it, without much success).
Trying Mediterranean chicken sounds good to me, but orange chicken is a close second.Thanks!

Kimberly Kitchens said...

I am a boxed/frozen girl now, but I long/look forward to the day that I have the time to cook more from scratch. I look forward to many days in the kitchen with my girls and lots of laughter :)
We tend to lean to Mexican flavored dishes although we love some pasta too.

Lindsay said...

Well, I love from scratch food. However, I'm a college student and I usually end up going with the boxed/frozen dinners. I think I'd like the Mediterranean Chicken with angel hair pasta.