Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ale-8 One -- only the best soft drink in Kentucky!

"Kentucky Swamp Water" is what this drink is sometimes referred to as. For those of you who grew up in the central Kentucky region, you know what I am talking about when I say that this drink has been a "staple in my diet" since the day I was born. No joke - my parents used to put this stuff in my bottle when I was little (which may explain a lot of things)! This soft drink is manufactured in a small factory in Winchester, KY about 15 minutes from my hometown. It is sweet, fruity, and highly caffeinated and can be found in most areas of Kentucky and the surrounding states.
Ale-8 is sold in 12 oz. cans, 20 oz. plastic bottles, non-returnable 12 oz. glass bottles, and returnable "long-neck" 12 oz. glass bottles (these can be returned to select stores for $.20 or $.30 per bottle).

The long-neck glass bottles have the best flavor, followed by the "short-necks" as they are called (remember this is redneck country - and I'm proud to be one!). The cans used to be horrible, but the company recently changed the formula, so the flavor is a lot better now. Just think of the flavor as being "ginger ale with a kick" and much sweeter.

Ale-8 is actually becoming more and more popular these days. Although it has been around since the 1920s (check out the history), Diet Ale-8 was not introduced - or perfected - until 2003 - and it has even more caffeine than regular Ale-8 (my advice is to stick with the regular). Other Ale-8 products have made their way onto shelves as well, including:

BBQ Sauce

Sweet/Spicy Salsa

Apple Butter


So, as you can see, Ale-8 One is moving up in the world! If you haven't tried it yet, I suggest you pick up a bottle (make sure it is a bottle if you want the full effect). Can't find it where you live? You can order it here (along with other Ale-8 stuff)! And, by the way, check out my brother-in-law (an Ale-8 employee) sporting some of the "Ale-8 Apparel" (the long-sleeve chocolate t-shirt). Isn't he precious? :)

If you do decide to take a gander at it, drop me a line. I'll be interested to know what you think!


Sarah Norberto said...

I've been a Kentuckian almost all my life, and would you believe I've NEVER had Ale-8!

Sarah said...

Only place in Kentucky I have never seen Ale-8 is in Eastern Kentucky. That is such a great drink! Doesn't make sense why they wouldn't have it in Eastern, KY.