Saturday, March 7, 2009

Jessie's Family Restaurant

Ever been to one of those "whole in the wall" restaurants? You know, the ones that are not too pretty to look at but have the most amazing food ever? Well, we came upon a little place called Jessie's Family Restaurant after church last Sunday. We had passed this place several times on our way to/from church and the parking lot is always full, so we decided to give it a try.

Now this place is definitely country -- gravel parking lot, country food, country feel. There are even paper placemats at every table featuring local ads and a crossword puzzle for you to attempt while you wait. They also have "daily specials" and you can get breakfast any time of day. The specials are written on small chalkboards that are randomly placed around the restaurant, and there are wooden paper towel holders at every table in the shape of the restaurant.

On this particular day, our friends Mark and Alyson came along with us for "Sunday dinner". We were greeted by the aroma of homemade pies and fried chicken. The customers were mainly older people with a few younger couples here and there. The decor was nothing to brag about, just a little ole' country place with tables, chairs, and a few booths.

We sat down at a little table and checked out the menu. The little chalkboard above our table listed the daily special for that day: Turkey & Dressing with 3 sides, rolls or cornbread for $7.95. What a deal! My husband and I decided to go for it. He had corn, green beans, and mashed potatoes with his T/D and I had mashed potatoes, green beans, and baked apples. We each had a piece of cornbread as big as our hand! Mark and Alyson each had fried chicken with 3 sides and rolls. It - was- delicious!! We even had enough leftovers for another meal (dinner that night). I realllllly wanted a piece of homemade pie, but could definitely not hold it. Next time for sure.

If you are ever in Louisville or in the PRP neighborhood, I highly recommend trying Jessie's Family Restaurant. Remember - never judge a book by its cover. You never know what is on the inside!!

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Bob said...

I've been to Jessie's on many occasions and have always enjoyed a delicious meal. On weekdays there is a "home" atmosphere where you can hear the staff laughing and enjoying what they are doing. I especially enjoy the veal cutlet, which is an exceptional bargain. The beef soup is great and if you're really hungry, try their big country fried steak. The steak is nearly as big as the plate! It's a place I will return again and again, no doubt. They have senior citizen discounts and a meal club card.