Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring is in the air...time to GRILL!!!

Okay, being 37 weeks pregnant and on semi-bedrest is never any fun - especially when you spend most of each day sitting in the recliner (feet elevated) staring out your back door at the beautiful sun shining down over your deck and glistening off of your grill. Talk about cabin fever!

I am so glad excited that Spring is here, and even more excited that our baby boy will be here in a week! I am READY for him to come into the world. April 9th will be his birthday! :) Please pray for our family as we welcome this new bundle of joy.

Alright, back to the grill. I have been craving a grilled steak for a while now and picked up a couple of thin cut ribeyes at the grocery about a week ago. My husband fired up the charcoal grill (we only had a few brisquettes, but it was enough to get it going) and I went to work marinating the steaks. I used worcestershire sauce, Lawry's seasoning, a little coarse salt, pepper, A1, and a little orange juice (the acid makes the meat tender). Then, to finish things off, I topped the steaks with a little melted butter and threw them on the grill.

For a side dish, I decided to make potato pouches. I sliced up several russet potatoes and tossed them with a little Lawry's seasoning, olive oil, and ranch dressing. I put several slices into a square piece of aluminum foil and topped the slices with a little salt and a pat of butter. Then I placed the pouches on the grill (they should be on the hottest part of the grill because it takes them longer to cook).

Since the steaks were thin cut, they didn't take long to cook. Let me tell you....those steaks were delicious!!! Tender, juicy, and just enough charcoal flavor to not be overpowering. And the potatoes....just enough seasoning and fork tender. Yummmy!!! Just what a pregnant girl needed. Hey, you can't keep a girl down for long! (Don't worry, that was the extent of my day. After that I went back to the recliner!)


Beth said...

Brandi! This sounds yummy. :) BUT I am sooo excited to hear that Isaiah's birthday is next week! We would love to come and see the three of you in the hospital if you're up to it (doesn't have to be that day, of course!). Let me know. :)

Leah in Iowa said...

Happy D-day!! Praying for you today, that you have a safe delivery and that everything is alright with your little guy! =)