Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Take me out to the ballgame....

I just got back from a Louisville Bats baseball game with some friends of mine and my hubs and little man. We had a blast! Plus, it was $1 hot dog and $1 Pepsi night! So, here is what I have discovered about baseball games (in particular, this one):

*Ball parks smell sooooo good!
*You can never find the stand that sells the food that smells so good....
*People eat way too much food
*People drink way too much beer (and then choose to drive home = stupid)
*There should really be a 3rd inning, 5th inning, and 7th inning stretch
*$1 hot dog and Pepsi nights are awesome
*People eat way too many hot dogs on $1 hot dog night
*The Kizito Cookie lady only comes around once :(
*One funnel cake costs as much as feeding a whole family on $1 hot dog night
*There is now a "funnel cake" vendor that comes around to your seat
*The Louisville Bats are awesome!! (When we left the score was 9-0)

Speaking of eating too much food.....here is what I had tonight:

Two of these:
Two of these:

And 1/2 of one of these:

And now I think it is time to go on a diet...... :)

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