Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Tribute.....

This is a tribute to all of those pregnant women out there, or women who plan to become pregnant (don't worry, your time is coming!).

First of all, let me say that my husband and I are thrilled with this blessing from God. We have been married for 6 years and have been "trying" off and on for about 4 years. Nothing wrong with either of us -- it was just God's Timing. We have prayed for this baby for so long and He heard our prayers and answered them. :)

So, since I discovered I was "with child" several months ago (I'm 20 weeks along), I thought about all of the yummy foods I would have the chance to eat. You know, those foods that are forbidden in Weight Watchers. I haven't really had any weird cravings yet, just mainly ice cream and french fries. However, I recently discovered (while my family was in over Thanksgiving) Dill Pickle popcorn from The Popcorn Station. Yes, you read right -- DILL PICKLE popcorn! This place is amazing!! They have 25 different flavors of popcorn from savory to sweet. My husband got the chocolate peanut butter flavor (it's yummy too!). Other flavors include honey barbecue, nacho cheese, strawberries and creme, double butterscotch, and Kentucky honey with pecans.

Some other foods I have been interested in lately are:
*Totinos Pizzas
*White Chocolate covered Oreos
*Onion Rings
*Broccoli-cheese casserole
*Sweet potato casserole
*Cranberry ginger ale
*anything chocolate

What are some of your cravings? Anything unusual? I would love to hear about them!

By the way........................we are having a BOY!!!! :)


Leah in Iowa said...

Congratulations, Brandi! Sounds like you'll be having your first child - a boy - when my first child - a boy - turns 20. Man, does THAT make me feel old! =(

I gained 60# with him because I thought "eating for two" was a great idea. Not so easy losing it though! With my other two I gained less than 20# each time because I was mindful of what I ate and all the weight was off by our 6-week check-up. SUCH a better way to go. =)

Right now, even though I'm not pregnant, I crave hot drinks - cappuccino, flavored coffees, spiced cider and the like. I know just plain water is the best thing for me, but..... And that's where I always get into trouble - with the "but". =)

Jennifer said...

Yay! Congratulations!! I've been patiently waiting for a "baby update" ever since you hinted around at it at Halloween! I'm so excited for you!

In Definition said...

A Boy!!!!!!!!!!! how exciting!!!

Callie said...

From a fellow preggers person, I would have to say I crave Mexican food and baked potatoes - definitely not the healthiest choices. However, I'm eager to try Cranberry ginger ale - sounds yummy!

Callie said...

As fellow preggers lady, I can say I've been craving Mexican food and baked potatoes - not very healthy options!

Kimberly Kitchens said...

So glad to hear that everything is continuing to go well with you and your growing little boy. Can you feel his soccer kicks yet?
My craving lately has been coke freezes from speedway and unfortunately there is one less than 1/2 mile from my house. Not a good craving when I am trying to keep my caffeine intake down. I also crave Mexican which is what I craved with both of my girls. My other craving is salty treats. Not really liking much sweet stuff except coke freezes. By the way, any names yet?